Andrea was an amazing postpartum doula! My husband traveled from out of state to PA for the birth of our daughter, who joined our family through the miracle of adoption. We were suddenly brand new parents to a newborn and felt a little overwhelmed without any friends and family around to help us. We found Andrea through a doula group, and I am so glad we did! She helped me learn how to bath our daughter, do tummy time, stretches, baby massages and so much more. She responded to my questions with wisdom, expertise, and encouragement, without an ounce of judgement or agenda. She listened to me process our adoption journey as a neutral third party, which was really valuable. I would highly recommend her postpartum services. She is a gem and helped me feel confident as a new mom. Thank you from this Illinois Mama! -Kristen

I always dreamed of having a home birth, but was not sure I had what it took to accomplish that dream. Andrea provided me with books and articles to read to answer my questions and concerns I had involving my birth plans. When the big day finally arrived I was anxious and nervous but Andrea never left my side. She was very encouraging and positive during the whole process. She even stayed with me after the midwives left to make sure I was still ok. I highly recommend Andrea's Birth Services to anyone who is looking for a positive experience with labor, delivery and postpartum support and help. -Heather

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