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Birth Support

Complimentary Initial Appointment

At this appointment we will meet and get to know each other.  This will help you in deciding if I am the right doula for you and your birth experience.  If you choose me as your doula, I will become available to you immediately through phone, text and email.    We will then schedule two prenatal visits during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Visits

During the first visit, we will discuss any questions you have, talk about your ideal birth and your medical and past birth history. 

During the second visit, we discuss any questions and areas of concern, go over relaxation/comfort techniques and various birthing options .  Two weeks before your estimated due date, I am on call 24 hrs until you are in active labor. 

Labor Support

Once active labor begins, I provide continuous support at the location you will be giving birth. I can help with comfort techniques, suggest positions to help labor progress, help the mother feel safe in her birthing environment, provide support for partner, and provide explanation of medical and birth options during labor.  If you wish, I will stay with you after birth (up to 1 hr) to help you establish bonding and feeding and to make sure you and baby are settled and comfortable. 

Postpartum Support

Postpartum Support will Services will take place in your home to help you and your family to adjust to the needs of your new baby. Services include emotional and physical support of mom after birth, breastfeeding or bottle feeding support, newborn,sibling care, help with multiples healthy meal planning, light housekeeping, resources and referrals.

Preparing for Childbirth with Reiki

Reiki relaxes both mother and baby. Reiki energies heal and calm anxiety associated with pregnancy and childbirth.  Using reiki, which is a centering energy,expectant mothers along with support person (if you wish) learn how to work with the mothers body to labor and birth in tranquility and empowering them as parents It also will release birthing fears and negative past

birth experiences.

Preparing for childbirth with reiki consists of three sessions.

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